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The Mask: Animated Series Hindi-English Dual Audio Download 576p

The Mask: Animated Series Hindi Dubbed

Cartoon Series Info

Name: The Mask: Animated Series

Season No: 02

Release Year: 1995

Network: Cartoon Network (India)

Language: Hindi+English Dual Audio

Quality: 576p


Audio Credits: Zubair Talha

Synopsis: A man finds a mystical mask that allows the wearer to make all sorts of unusual things happen.

The Mask: Animated Series Hindi Dubbed

  • Episode 07 – Mask Au Gratin

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In Edge City, Stanley Ipkiss (Rob Paulsen) tries to live a normal life, but the ever-present magic Mask of Loki in his possession has other plans. Now, whenever there is evil, or Stanley is in danger or annoyed, he cannot resist donning the artifact to become The Mask, a manic superhero unbounded by anything, including physical reality. Against various villains who scheme against the city or try to gain the Mask of Loki for themselves, The Mask is not just powerful, he’s ssssssssmokin!


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