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The Incredibles (2004) Dual Audio [Hindi+Eng] 480p, 720p & 1080p FHD Download

The Incredibles 

Movie Info

Name: Planes

Genre: Children’s film | Comedy | Superhero

Release Year: 2004

Language: Hindi+English

Quality: 480p 720p & 1080p BluRay

Encoded By: ToonKits4ALL

Synopsis: In this lauded Pixar animated film, married superheroes Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) are forced to assume mundane lives as Bob and Helen Parr after all super-powered activities have been banned by the government. While Mr. Incredible loves his wife and kids, he longs to return to a life of adventure, and he gets a chance when summoned to an island to battle an out-of-control robot. Soon, Mr. Incredible is in trouble, and it’s up to his family to save him.

The Incredibles

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Skipper confessesOn the day of his wedding with (alias Elastigirl), superhero (alias Mr. Incredible) thwarts a civilian’s attempted suicide by tackling him through a skyscraper window. Bob then discovers supervillain Bomb Voyage robbing the building, but is interrupted by his devoted fanboy , who wants to be his sidekick. Bob rejects Buddy, and Voyage clips a bomb onto Buddy’s cape; Bob manages to get the bomb off, but it destroys part of an track, forcing Bob to abruptly stop an oncoming train. After his wedding, Bob is sued for collateral damage by the suicidal civilian and the injured train passengers. Similar lawsuits create a negative public attitude towards superheroes, so the government initiates the

Superhero Relocation Program, banning all “supers” from using their powers in public and forcing them into hiding. Summoned back to Nomanisan, Bob discovers Mirage is working for Buddy, now calling himself “Syndrome” after being embittered by Bob’s rejection. Syndrome has become wealthy by inventing weapons that mimic superpowers to. Helen borrows a private plane to fly to Nomanisan. Violet and Dash stow away, leaving Jack-Jack with a babysitter. Despite knowing that there are children on the plane, Syndrome shoots it down with missiles, but Helen and the kids survive and make it to the island. Disillusioned by Syndrome’s callousness, Mirage releases Bob and informs him of his family’s survival. Syndrome’s guards pursue Dash and Violet, who fight them off with their powers and reunite with their parents. Syndrome imprisons the family, and follows the Omnidroid to Metroville. The Parrs escape to Metroville as well with Mirage’s help.

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