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Star Trek Lower Decks (2020) Complete Zip File Dual Audio [Hindi+Eng] 480p, 720p HD Download

Star Trek Lower Decks (2020)

Series Info

Name: Star Trek Lower Decks

Season No:  01

Release Year: 2020

Language: Hindi-English

Quality:  480 & 720p

SynopsisMariner works with Freeman to escape the terraforming and use environmental controls to return the ship to its previous state, as well as rescue the crew of the Merced. Meanwhile, Tendi’s clumsiness prevents Lieutenant O’Connor’s spiritual ascension. Despite this, O’Connor nearly sacrifices himself to save Tendi’s life during the terraforming disaster. This act causes him to achieve spiritual ascension, though it appears to be a painful process. Mariner is invited to a meeting where she makes fun of an admiral’s uncommon pronunciation of the word “sensor”, leading to her demotion back to en

Star Trek Lower Decks (2020)

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Cerritos is en route to Cardassia Prime for peace negotiations when it is re-assigned to instead deliver “diplomatic trinkets” to Gelrak V. This angers Freeman, who believes the Cerritos is not respected by Starfleet. The ensigns teach Tendi about “buffer time”, a long-standing tradition in which the lower decks crew take time to relax between jobs. Boimler accidentally reveals this to Freeman, who institutes a time deadline for all tasks. The ship descends into chaos as the crew attempts to complete their work on time, and this confusion leads to the away team taking the wrong gift to Gelrak V. Offended by this, the people of Gelrak V attack the Cerritos. The crew is unable to respond until Boimler reminds Freeman that they need to be able to complete work in their own time. She halts the time deadlines and the crew are able to focus on repelling the attackers. Freeman later institutes a new mandate named “The Boimler Effect” that encourages crew members to take shortcuts, not blindly follow the rules, and build in “buffer time” whenever they deem fit, much to the chagrin of the by-the-book Boimler.


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