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Pokémon Season 6: Advanced Complete Zip File Dual Audio [Hin-Eng] 576p HD Download

Pokémon Season 6: Advanced

Anime Series Info

Name: Pokémon

Season: 6 Advanced

Episodes: 40

Release Year: 1997 (in Hindi 2003 CN, 2014 – Hungama TV)

TV Channel (India): Hungama TV/Disney XD/Marvel HQ/CN

Language: Dual Audio [Hindi-English]

Quality: 576P

Synopsis Ash Ketchum, his yellow pet Pikachu, and his human friends explore a world of powerful creatures.

Pokémon Season 6: Advanced

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Ten-year-old Ash aspires to be the greatest Pokémon (pocket monster) trainer in the world. To do this, he enlists the help of many friends, and his own Pokémon, Pikachu. Together, they must search their world for new Pokémon, while avoiding the likes of Team. Rocket, as well as other evil organizations, as well as battling rivals, and meeting legendary Pokémon.In the English dubbed version there have been notable fourth wall breaks by characters. In season 1 episode 26, when Gloom unleashes a foul odor everyone is repulsed. In the aftermath of his shocking loss at the hands of Whitney and her Miltank, Ash struggles to regain his confidence and begins. trying to form a strategy so he can beat Whitney’s Miltank and earn the Plain Badge. With his Pokémon having recovered from the intense battle, Ash and the group visit a nearby Miltank ranch and after a while, Ash eventually gains the confidence to challenge Whitney once again for a chance at getting the Plain Badge. But will the rematch finally go in Ash’s favor or is Whitney going to be the Gym Leader who ends Ash’s Johto League campaign for good?


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