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Pokemon Season 03 The Johto Journeys Complete Zip File Dual Audio [Hin-Eng] 576p HD Download

Pokemon Season 03 The Johto Journeys

Anime Series Info

Name: Pokémon

Season No: 03 The Johto Journeys

Episodes: 41

Release Year: 1997 (in Hindi 2003 CN, 2014 – Hungama TV)

TV Channel (India): Hungama TV/Disney XD/Marvel HQ/CN

Language: Dual Audio [Hindi-English]

Quality: 576P

Synopsis: Ten-year-old Ash aspires to be the most incredible Pokémon (pocket monster) trainer globally. To do this, he enlists the help of many friends, and his own Pokémon, Pikachu.

Pokemon Season 03 The Johto Journeys

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The Orange League beckons and Ash answers the call, taking on the Orange Crew and their leader, Drake. Upon returning to Pallet Town, Ash and Misty reunite with Brock and set out on the next stage of their Pokémon journey—the Johto region! Though he still has an errand to run for Professor Oak, Ash jumps with both feet into the Johto League, taking on a couple of Gym Leaders and adding Pokémon like Totodile and Chikorita to his team. Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company under the Pokémon media franchise. Watch incredible Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pickachu and all their friends. Don’t miss movies, episodes, special animated features and more!


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