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One Punch Man (2019) Season 02 Hindi Fan Dubbed Episodes 720p HD Download [Episode 04 Added]

One Punch Man Season 02 Hindi Dubbed

Anime Series Info

Name: One Punch Man

Release Year: 2019

Season: 02

Episodes: 02

Network: TV Tokyo

Language: Hindi Fan Dubbed

Quality: 720p HD

Dubbing Credits: itsofficialmhd

Synopsis: Saitama is a strong superhero who defeats villains with just a single punch. Over time, however, he grows bored with the absence of a challenging fight.

One Punch Man Season 02 Hindi Dubbed

Note: We do not dubb this anime, this anime is dubbed by [@itsofficialmhd] Please support them

  • Episode 01 – Return Of the Hero


  • Episode 02 – The Human Monster


  • Episode 03 – The Hunt Begins


  • Episode 04 – The Metal Bat


More Episodes Will Be Added Soon

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One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero franchise created by the artist ONE. n a world of superhuman beings, Saitama is a unique hero, he can defeat enemies with a single punch. But being just one hero in a world filled with them, his life is empty and hollow: he gets no respect from anyone, he displays a laidback attitude to everything and for the most part, he finds his overall hero life pointless… and worst of all, he lost his hair due to intense training. These are the adventures of an ordinary yet extraordinary hero.


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