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Kung Fu Panda Paws Of Destiny Season 2 (2019) [Hin-Eng] Dual Audio Complete Zip File 720p HD Download

Kung Fu Panda Paws Of Destiny

Series Info

Name: Kung Fu Panda Paws Of Destiny

Release Year: 2019

Season: 2

Episodes: 13

Language: Hindi English

Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: follows the adventures of four energetic panda kids: Nu Hai, Bao, Jing, and Fan Tong. When the friends stumble upon a mystical cave beneath Panda Village, they have no idea they’re about to absorb the chi, or energy, of ancient kung fu warriors known as the Four Constellations.

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As the Dragon Master, Po has endured his fair share of epic challenges but nothing could prepare him for his greatest one yet-as a Kung Fu teacher to a group of rambunctious kids from Panda Village who have been imbued with a mysterious and powerful chi energy. Together they embark on amazing adventures, battle ferocious villains, and become legends.the series follows  each of which somehow are

ties they already possess. Their efforts are less than stellar, but Po is encouraging and informs them of his intent to research the constellations more thoroughly. Elsewhere, Jade Tusk and her underlings attack the wise old tahr Pious Chan, but the battle is broken off by the appearance of Jindiao. Believing the elderly abbot to be a friend, Chan offers his help, only for Jindiao to steal his Chi. Back at Panda Village, the kids get out of school, with Nu Hai asserting herself as the group’s leader despite the others’ objections. A duck messenger then arrives seeking help for Wu-Ran Village, and the kids go to defend it without Po’s help. Po, meanwhile, locates a scroll about the origins of the Constellations, only to learn what the kids have done. At the village, Nu Hai leads the others in attacking the bandits, but their Hero Chi fails to materialize. . The voice of Blue Dragon urges her to relax; she obeys, which lets her unlock her power and strike down one of the bandits. Po then arrives to back up his student


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