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Kicko and Super Speedo (2018) Season 01 Complete Hindi Dubbed Zip File 720p HD Download

Kicko and Super Speedo [Season 01] Hindi Dubbed Zip File 720p HD - ToonKits4All

Kicko and Super Speedo Season 01

Note: This Season is not in Zip File These All Episodes are in One Video

Series Info

Name: Kicko and Super Speedo

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Animation

Episodes: 15

Quality : 720p HD

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Size : 1.5GB (480P 500MB)

Synopsis: A superhero child and his special car, Super Speedo, which is fitted with innovative gadgets, go on many adventures to save the world from villains. Downoad Links

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Episode List

Kicko and Super Speedo Season 01

  • Episode 01

Kicko catches Jolly Joker right in the middle of his evil plan at the circus. He’s not a clown that will make people laugh, he’ll make them cry.

  • Episode 02

At Suncity Jewellery, Mr. Gone makes the most expensive necklace in the world vanish. Kicko and Super Speedo are on the case.

  • Episode 03

A thief has stolen all the fuel from the cars and gas stations in the city. Kicko and the crew go to investigate.

  • Episode 04

Detective Jhatpat questions Dr. Crazy about a rock monster that will help him rule the city. Meanwhile, Kicko and friends accidentally discover the rock monster.

  • Episode 05

The robber known as Mr. X has challenged Sun City once again, and the city goes on the defensive. Kicko is extremely worried about it too.

  • Episode 06

Dr. Khurana’s risky experiment transforms him into a super frog, and he has every intention to turn the whole city into frogs.

  • Episode 07

Chandu the thief accidentally gets trapped into a magnetic field and develops magnetic powers. He plans to use his powers for evil.

  • Episode 08

The major needs to deliver a suitcase with classified information to the finance department safely. However, it all goes wrong when it’s stolen by Cloudy Rowdy.

  • Episode 09

Kicko and his friends board a plane to go on a school trip to Wonder Island. However, Kicko becomes suspicious of two guys carrying instruments.

  • Episode 10

The city’s annual car racing competition heats up this year, as the honest Tempo Anna is targeted by his competition. Kicko takes matter into his own hands.

  • Episode 11

The major reveals Tempo Anna’s new creation that will protect the city, Super Tank. However, they soon develop their own brains.

  • Episode 12

Ace skateboarder Ricky Roller steals two invaluable dancing dolls from the museum. However, Kicko is there to stop him.

  • Episode 13

Professional looter Mr. Hooter robs the city’s bank using his car’s hypnotization function. Kicko and Super Speedo set out to stop him.

  • Episode 14

The mayor is gifting the children a new and improved cultural and sports center. However, Billa Builder arrives on the scene to cause trouble.

  • Episode 15

The evil Sir Ludo kidnaps Tempo Anna to help him launch four rockets over Sun City to destroy it. Kicko and his friends must put a stop to this plan before it’s too late.

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