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Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) Dual Audio [Hindi+Eng] 480p, 720p & 1080p FHD Download

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Movie Info

Name:  Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Genre: | Comedy | Action | Adventure

Release Year: 2009

Language: Hindi + English

Quality: 480p,720p & 1080p

Size: 370MB, 620MB & 1.70GB

Encoded By: ToonKits4All

Synopsis:After Sid (John Alberto Leguizamo) pilfers some dinosaur eggs, Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary) and the rest of their prehistoric pals enter a mysterious, underground world to rescue the hapless sloth. During the course of their mission, the gang encounters many creatures great and small, including hungry carnivores and a relentless, dinosaur-hunting weasel named Buck.

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

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Buck reveals that he has been living in this jungle for quite some time and is hunting down Rudy, a huge fearsome, ill-tempered and hostile feared by the inhabitants of the jungle, intending to avenge the eye he lost to him years prior during an ill-fated encounter. He agrees to lead The Herd through the jungle’s perils to Lava Falls, where the Momma Dino has taken Sid and her babies. In the meantime, Scrat and Scratte continue their battle for the acorn back, but during one of their fights, Scrat saves Scratte from falling into a river of lava, causing them to fall in love with each other and forget about the acorn as Scratte tries to fly away with Scrat’s acorn. Meanwhile, Momma tries to eat Sid, but her babies protect him,

still thinking he is their mother. Afterwards, she and Sid try to outdo each other in feeding the offspring, as Sid prefers a vegetarian diet while she wants them to follow their carnivorous instincts; Sid loses this contest but Momma slowly warms up to Sid after realizing how much he genuinely loves the babies as his own, and welcomes him into her family, as he is the closest thing her children have to a father. The next day, however, Sid is separated from the Tyrannosaurus family and is attacked by Rudy. He is knocked onto a loose rock slab that is floating on a river of lava and about to plummet over the falls.

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