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Cinderella (2015) Dual Audio [Hindi+Eng] 480p, 720p & 1080p FHD Download


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Name: Cinderella

Genre: Comedy | Adventure| Family Film | Children’s film

Release Year: 2015

Language: Hindi + English

Quality: 480p,720p & 1080p

Size: 370MB, 900MB & 1.90GB

Encoded By: ToonKits4All

Synopsis:With a wicked stepmother (Wilfred Jackson) and two jealous stepsisters (Homer Brightman, Harry Reeves) who keep her enslaved and in rags, Cinderella (Clyde Geronimi) stands no chance of attending the royal ball. When her fairy godmother (Hamilton Luske) appears and magically transforms her reality into a dream come true, Cinderella enchants the handsome Prince Charming at the ball, but must face the wrath of her enraged stepmother and sisters when the spell wears off at midnight.

Cinderella (2015)

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At the ball, Kit is delighted to see Ella and gives her the first dance. The Grand Duke, having promised Kit to the Princess Chelina of Zaragoza for political reasons, expresses his annoyance and is overheard by Lady Tremaine. Though surprised at Kit’s true identity, Ella bonds with the Prince. Before she can tell Kit her name, the clock chimes midnight and she flees the palace, losing one of her glass slippers. The Grand Duke pursues her; however, when the magic dissipates, Cinderella is able to hide in the woods. She returns home and hides the remaining glass slipper under the floorboards.

The King dies, but not before giving his son permission to marry Ella. Now the new king, Kit issues a royal proclamation professing his love for the “mystery princess” and requests she present herself. Ella hurries to retrieve the glass slipper to prove her identity. However, Lady Tremaine has found the slipper first, and declares she will only allow Ella to marry Kit on the condition that Ella make Lady Tremaine head of the royal household and find respectable husbands for the stepsisters. Ella refuses, and Lady Tremaine smashes the slipper and locks Ella in the attic. She brings the remains of the slipper to the Grand Duke and reveals to him that the mystery princess is actually not a princess. In order to spare the kingdom embarrassment should knowledge of Ella’s scheme become public, the Grand Duke and Lady Tremaine come to a deal: she will become a countess, and her daughters will receive advantageous marriages, in exchange for her keeping knowledge of the incident private.

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