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Ben 10: Race Against Time (2007) Hindi-english 720p & 480p &1080p

Ben 10: Race Against Time

Movie Info

Name: Ben 10: Race Against Time

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi

Release Year: 2007

Language: Hindi + English

Quality: 480p, 720pHD & 1080p WEBRip

Size: 336MB,639MB & 1.1GB

Encoded By: lucario

Synopsis: In Bellwood, a mysterious figure teleports into town, and immediately starts destroying things. Ben Tennyson, in the form of Heatblast, confronts him. After a short battle, Ben seemingly obliterates the villain. Max Tennyson identifies him as Eon, an alien the Plumbers captured almost two centuries ago. When he arrived, he was half dead and brought a device with him called the Hands of Armageddon, which would open a time rift to the alien’s home dimension and unleash his race upon Earth if activated. They travel to the containment facility where Eon is supposed to be kept, only to find it empty and his guardian aged to near-death.


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Ben 10: Race Against Time (also known as Ben 10: The Movie) is a 2007 Canadian-American superhero film based on the animated television series Ben 10, created by Man of Action. The working title was Ben 10 in the Hands of Armageddon.

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